Volume 45 of the Journal of Japanese Law/Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht has been published. The titles of the articles can be found under The Journal is made available to members of the DJJV at no cost. It can also be purchased publicly. For further information on the journal please visit

Furthermore Special Issue No. 10 (2018) has been published: Self-regulation in Private Law in Japan and Germany, Harald Baum / Moritz Bälz / Marc Dernauer (eds.), (Carl Heymanns Verlag, Cologne 2018) 282 pp.

With contributions by:
Yuki Asano, Moritz Bälz, Jürgen Basedow, Jens-Hinrich Binder, Petra Buck-Heeb, Marc Dernauer, Andreas Dieckmann, Hiroyuki Kansaku, Takahito Kato, Souichirou Kozuka, Patrick C. Leyens, Florian Möslein, Yuko Nishitani, and Michael Pfeifer.Published: June 2018