Dear members and friends of DJJV,

Kaneko Hironaga print 11 2009 jpg As you know, with effect from 24.11.2019, I took over the position of President of the DJJV from Dr. Jan Grotheer. Dr. Grotheer has earned great merit in deepening the relationship between Germany and Japan. Thanks to his tireless efforts, the DJJV has held numerous lectures and symposiums in Germany and Japan alone or together with other organizations. Twice a year, our association publishes the Journal of Japanese Law in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Law, Hamburg. It is the only journal that reports on Japanese law in a non-Japanese language.

Dr. Grotheer, which we owe a lot, has been elected Honorary President of the DJJV. The entire Board will continue its successful work in the sense of Dr. Jan Grotheer. Dr. Oliver Schön has become Vice President. Mr. Carsten Griebeler from Frankfurt has been elected as a further member of the Board.

I thank you very much for your confidence in the members of the Board.

Please support the Board in its future tasks. We would be glad to receive from you any hints for new topics and possibilities of cooperation with other organizers.

With sincere thanks
Hironaga Kaneko