Dear members and friends of DJJV,

Dr. Oliver Schön

In the field of law, the relations between Japan and Germany date back to the 1870s. As a matter of fact, throughout the Meiji era Japan familiarized itself with many elements of German law and transferred them into its own legal system, which lead to the development of a vivid and successful exchange in the field of law. These many-faceted relations are being filled with life up to this very day.

Conscious about this tradition, the DJJV offers its members as well as interested parties information about Japanese law and strives to create a forum to debate current and developing issues – often by way of organizing symposia. In recent years, the DJJV has mainly been focussed on topics which reflect the ongoing changes in society and the legal challenges associated therewith, such as the ageing society, artificial intelligence or questions regarding the issue of “Climate and law”.

In cooperation with the Max-Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law Hamburg, the DJJV issues the Journal of Japanese Law, which is published twice a year. It is the only journal in the world regularly reporting on Japanese law in languages other than Japanese.

Our program is aimed at practitioners from the judiciary, lawyers and in-house counsels, as well as legal scholars with a professional or private interest in Japan. Japan is a source of great fascination and even where not of direct use for professional purposes, studying her law provides for a multitude of interesting stimuli and solutions.

We would like to invite you to get to know the DJJV better and are looking forward to meeting you in person during one of our events.

With kind regards,

Dr. Oliver Schön